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What are the Causes of Male Infertility? – Reasons Why Men Become Infertile
Infertility is a disorder that scares every man. For men, it is a more painful condition as apart from not being able to father a baby; it is also a matter of social stigma.

It is natural that a man feels ashamed of himself when he comes to know that he is not able to become a father. Today, millions of men are plagued with infertility. Unlike female infertility, male infertility is no just a disorder, but a physical problem that limits the reproduction ability.

Let’s discuss the reasons for male infertility.

1. Temperature – When your sperms are affected by the temperature, their production is hindered. Sperms thrive below the body temperature, and when the heat increases, it creates problems.

Changes in temperature damage the sperms or affect the ability to move fast to the uterus. Wearing close undergarments & pants can also cause this. Taking a hot bath before sex and working near ovens also cause the same problem.

2. Diseases – Mumps, urinary infections, venereal disease, kidney disease, liver disease, genital infections, sickle cell anemia, and liver disease, etc. may also cause male infertility.

3. Age – Age is one of the causes of male infertility. Aging brings decreased motility and this creates problems.

4. Low or No Sperm Count – This is one of the major reasons for male infertility. Hormonal imbalance and infections are responsible for this issue. The thyroid and pituitary glands should be examined to determine whether they are doing their share in sperm production.

5. Frequent Sex – Yes, this is true. When you have sex frequently, it affects your fertility. Too much intercourse can deplete the sperm supply much faster than the replacement. This is one of the different causes of men's infertility.

6. Hypothyroidism – This is another reason behind male infertility. This hormonal imbalance is caused due to extreme obesity.

7. Poor Sperm Quality – The quality of the sperms is also responsible for this problem. It can either be a genetic disorder or an unhealthy lifestyle result.

8. Emotional Stress – Stress can also cause infertility in men. Today, we all live a fast-paced life and it creates stress daily that leads to this physical disorder. So, reduce stress as it counts in the causes of male infertility.

9. Drugs – Long use of drugs is also one of the causes of men's infertility. Smoking and drinking in excess are also responsible for this problem.

10. Obesity – Obesity also contributes to male infertility.

11. Malnutrition – Poor supply of essential nutrients is also one of the reasons for male infertility. The reproduction organs need vital nutrition in a good amount.

12. Strenuous Activities – Sometimes physical activities like bicycle riding, horseback riding, and other similar activities can cause fertility problems.

So, now as you know about the causes of men's infertility, it is time to take action and make changes in your life to be able to become a father. There are both conventional and alternate male infertility treatment options.

Studies show that the majority of male infertility cases are treated effectively. So, visit Dr. Kedar Ganla and consult Ankoor Fertility clinic for different options for your infertility problem like.

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